“It was alright in the 90’s”: I think not.

Sexism, racism, live porn, homophobia, and being asked to do a number two on television is not what I remember of the 1990’s.

Please can we bring back the fun stuff like girl bands, kids television extravaganzas and furbies?

Okay, so, I come from the 90’s generation and I only remember from 1995 onwards, if you agree with the theory that memories are created from three-years-old, but, was this really the world we created post-1980’s Britain?

The latest in a series of “It was alright in the…” aired on Saturday night and showed an insight into the television of the last decade of the 20th century. All I really took from the show was sexism,racism, live-porn, homophobia and people doing crazy things.

Firstly, sexism. How about watching Masterbrain only with women stripping? I used to believe that feminists of this era were exaggerating or even crazy, but it turns out they had a lot to deal with. Some men might have really enjoyed the show but the fact there was an old man sat leering at them like some sort of pervert was not okay. 

 Strip Masterbrain: circa 1999, image from http://www.ukgameshows.com

Some viewers were less than impressed:  

Oh and of course there was women on a programme called Topless Darts… They wore tutus. This guy has a point:

Sexism seemed to be everywhere throughout the show. Then again there was Naked Elvis, a show in which men would wear an Elvis mask and take their clothes off,  and do an enlightening dance on camera

The decade even had people complaining about “over broadcasting” the release of Nelson Mandela. Some people seemed to have no realisation of why it was such a momentous occasion, in fact it seemed they were being racist.

One shocking sketch from Father Ted saw the protagonist pretending to be Chinese in a racist and childlike scene.  

Source: own

“It was a very gay scene at London’s Albert Hall last night,” announced BBC’s Panorama. Oh, was it really? How unbelievable that the hall looked happy or homosexual at all. 

Homophobia also seemed to be an underlying problem in the 1990’s. With the so-called “shocking” lesbian kiss in Brookside, grown men saying that gay men needed burning and a reporter singling out a gay rugby team.  

 The UK’s first lesbian kiss. Source: virginmedia.com

This was all happily starting to change by the end of the decade with programmes like Queer as Folk being broadcasted to show gay men jut living normal lives to prevent isolating them from society.

Possibly even crazier still. Davina McCall doing a very different type of presenting. “It’s all about number twos” being her  catch-phrase.  As Jenny Eclair wonderfully put it:

“I’ve done some terrible things in my career, some really awful things, but I’ve never had to check a lavatory pan for some s***!”

Perhaps the most comical part of the show was lad culture versus girl power. And a good point about rape being wrong- in rap form. Although the rapping left something to be desired.

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