National Yorkshire Day: it’s reight good being from ‘ere.

August 1st marks the best time of the year- National Yorkshire day. An’ ‘ere’s a few reasons t’ be reight proud of it.

  1. We’ve some grand views and towns t’ visit. (Whitby, Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale Farm and Knaresborough. Source: Google) The county has some beautiful views and pretty little towns. The famous novel, Dracula, was written in Whitby where they still have gothic weekends. The Yorkshire Dales were famously written about in several poems and Knaresborough is home to some very spiritual places, such as Mother Shipton’s cave.
  2. There’s some a’reight places t’ go t’ an’ all. (York Minister, Mother Shipton’s Cave and Kirkstall Abbey. Source: Google) York Minister was erected in 637 AD and is one of the largest gothic cathedrals of its kind. Mother Shipton’s cave is also well worth a visit with the famous prophetess having been born here in 1488. The cave is the country’s oldest attraction, opening in 1630. Finally, from my photos- Kirkstall Abbey- a fabulous place to take a picnic and inhale some of the fantastic history of the monks who lived here centuries ago. It has a place in my heart from my youth.
  3. We have some reight nice grub.  (My home-made Yorkshire puddings…. Recipe is also on my blog)
  4. You’ll never go ‘ungry either.  (Standard portion sizes when I see my in-laws) We have some genuinely filling and tasty recipes besides Yorkshire’s. And we certainly know how to fill people up. From roast dinners to pie to cottage pie. When you have worked a hard day ploughing fields you need some good grub.
  5. We play God’s own sport, and we’re good at it.  (It’s hotly debated whether league or union is better. We’re alright at both though so it’s great. Source: Google)
  6. Some famous folk ‘ave come from us.   (William Wilberforce, Bronte sisters and Brownlee Brothers. Source: Google) Wilberforce brought out the abolishment of slavery. The Bronte sister wrote famous novels. And the Brownlee brothers won medals in the Olympics 2012.
  7. We’re biggest and therefore t’ best.  (Source: Google) Nothing needs saying… we’ve got the most land so there.
  8. We’re so great that loads of tele’s bin filmed ‘ere. Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Downton Abbey, Fat Friends, Last of the Summer Wine and, of course, Where The Heart Is. (Last of the Summer Wine, these three lovely chaps. Source: Google.)
  9. Even films are shot ‘ere. Classics like; Rita, Sue and Bob too, The Railway Children, Chicken Run, Ted and the Calendar Girls.  (Calendar Girls was filmed in Kettlewell, Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire. Source: Google.)
  10. Finally, we talk reet don’t we duck/love/flower/petal. Phrases explained: 

    Ey up: Hello

    Aye: Yes

    Ginnel: Alleyway

    Lug ‘oil: Ear hole

    Gander: Look

    Reight: Very

    Thissen: Yourself

    ‘Owz th’ doin’: How are you?

    Now you know why no one leaves Yorkshire for long.

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