Cheesy chicken and broccoli bake

Who doesn’t love hearty, tasty, guilt-free food?

No one… Or at least that should be the answer.

Here’s my great comfort food that doesn’t max out the calories, or take too long to make, or leave me feeling bloated.

You will need (serves6):

6 chicken breasts 

1 large broccoli

100g grated cheese (I used light cheddar; half for the sauce and half to top the dish)

50g flour

50g magerine/butter

600ml milk/cream

2tsp dry garlic/2 cloves

1tsp tarragon 

1tsp rosemary 

Pinch of salt and pepper

How to prepare the dish:

Firstly, seal the six chicken breasts with a dash of oil, or water, if you want to be uber healthy.

Next, put them in a large baking dish, about two or three inches deep, and big enough to comfortably fit the chicken and broccoli. Then add the  broccoli around the chicken breasts so that it is easily portionable.


Thirdly, make your cheese sauce. I used the same pan I cooked the chicken in to bind the flavours together. Make a roux by mixing the flour and butter together over a low heat. Then slowly add the milk to create a thick white sauce. Once you have achieved this, add half of the grated cheese and all the seasoning.


Finally, pour this over the chicken and cook for thirty minutes. I served ours with steamed charlotte potatoes and green beans.


 Let me know what you think about this dish, and others, by tweeting me @beckymennell or commenting at the end.


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