Good feels for bad day

So it’s been a topsy turvy week for me, well the past two months actually. In the wake of the election, and while the rain keeps pouring, I need some happy thoughts. I have put together a list of things which are all collectively great things to do, make and achieve when you are feeling down.

  1. Good food. This is always best when it is homemade and tasty. How about a curry? My boyfriend makes an awesome chicken tikka masala- here’s the website: And a fabulous photo. 
  2. A night out with friends. (Or a night in.) There’s nothing quite like remembering old tales and catching up with the people you care about. And, let’s  face it, no good story ever starts with a salad, or a curry for that matter. Here is a recent photo of me and my friends. 
  3. Spending time with your family. Time has a tendency to fly past the window and there’s no rewinding the clock (yet!) until Marty McFly steps into 2015. Family time is quality time- and Christmas is not the only time to see them, surprisingly. Trust me, family is the best.  
  4. Be creative. Make something you can be proud of to keep yourself busy or entertain yourself. Getting creative is known to produce happy hormones and relax people. I like making cards and canvasses when I’m at a lose end and I even managed to make a candle once! 
  5. Be proud of your achievements. One of the best days of my life was my graduation. But wether it’s a BTec in IT, baking a cake or climbing the three peaks- respecting yourself and getting a pat on the back is always a good idea.
  6. See the world. (Or a few places of interest!) It doesn’t have to be expensive either, there’s some great deals to be had online and via apps such as; Wowcher, Groupon and Living social. Seeing a new place can make you appreciate the small things too- at the end of the day humans are everywhere and experiences make us who we are. 
  7. Appreciate what you have. Whether it be family, a house, friends, an Aston Martin DB9 or a pet- having something to call your own is a great feeling. My pet cat, Mittens, always makes my day when I come home from work. The little things in life can grow into the big things.  
  8. Accepting that sometimes bad things happen in life. Moving forward from bad experiences is a hard thing to do but once you have, you will feel so much better. I once read something that said; “the sun rises, the sun sets, we just tend to complicate things.” So when life gets difficult and complicated, remember that it does go on.  
  9. Finding someone to share things with. I’ve been lucky here but it’s not the easiest thing, or so I’ve been told. Sharing food, passions, hobbies and time with a special friend or partner can help the blues, reds or yellows fade away. Also, taking photos with them, lots of silly photos. 
  10. Finally, a good cup of tea. And it has to be Yorkshire, that is none negotiable. A good cuppa can set the world to rights. It is calming, relaxing and helps you let off steam, so to speak.  

Hopefully this article will help at least someone to relieve the strain of day-to-day life or even those extra stressful times.


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