Election results in another Conservative victory

In case you have not yet heard- the Conservatives won the UK election and, in the end it was even by a majority.

News feeds have been filled with wannabe politicians, people who claim they could not be bothered to vote and opinionated constituents…. I must admit I myself fit into the first and third category.

I am not going to tell you how I voted just yet, but what I will say is we have a lot more to see in the next few years.

Cameron’s key pledges:

  • To be the party of the real working people; “Offering you security at every stage of your life.” 
  • Right to buy extended to housing associations/council properties. The leader famously said: “it’s not about having assets (you are telling us?), it’s about people having the key to somewhere.” Hmmm.
  • 30 hours free child care to all working parents. Sounds pretty great- but there’s an estimation that it could save people £5000 a year- I wonder where the money’s coming from?
  • No inheritance tax on places worth under £1 million (£500,000 for singles). I won’t even pretend I understand how this works!
  • An additional £8 billion for the NHS- even if it does get privatised.
  • Income tax raised to £12,500- good news for the working class/ minimum wage boffins like me.
  • The benefit cap will lower to £23,000- this is to encourage people to work. Disablitiy Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment claimants will be exempt. This surprises me because members of my families DLA and carers allowance have slumped since 2010.
  • No increase on VAT, national insurance or income tax.
  • Free vote on repealing the hunting ban. Aka they want to hunt again.
  • Increase state pension by 2.5% and put a block on how much you should pay for residential care.
  • More reforms to electoral boundaries- lowering to 600 MP’s


That’s the “good stuff” out of the way…. Now for the bad

  • Cuts, cuts and more cuts of £30 billion to get rid of the deficit
  • EU referendum…. Could be good or bad depending on your stance.
  • Abolish Human Rights Act and road test a British Bill of Rights.
  • Scottish bill… Devolving powers.
  • £12 billion cuts to unspecified areas. He’s keeping healthcare safe for now, he says.


So there you have it. Keep your eyes peeled for twists and turns.

Now, how do you think I voted?

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