Periods and Feminism: Is there a line to be crossed?

My boyfriend once told me he thinks periods and period pain must be similar to being “kicked in the balls”. While I appreciate the sentiment and his comforting words and hugs afterwards, I imagine that is about as close as you could describe it in terms of opposite sex.

In the last few days, our Facebook and Twitter feeds have been crowded with a picture but the real issue is not what is in the picture, but what it represents. Humanity. Femininity. Women.


My guess is that Rupi Kaur, author of the photo and a series of others, knew the image would have an impact but not quite how viral it would become.

She has not yet defined herself as a feminist in her responses to Instagram or Tumblr, but what she says makes a landmark case for equality and women’s rights.

It seems it is alright for every other aspect of the human race to be shown but the very part that keeps us alive is not. Rupi made a very important point in her letter to Instagram:

I will not apologise for not feeding the ego and pride of a misogynistic society that will have my body in underwear but not be okay with a leak when so many of your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women are objectified, pornified and treated less than human.”

While I would not personally choose to broadcast my menstruation period on social media, I can fully support her point. And besides, this post does so much more than that, it says to me; women can and should be treated equally. We have the ability to create human beings an yet we are frequently shown as objects. A pair of breasts. A silhouette. A sexual object for gratification.

Hopefully, in the future social media will se that this post and others like it are making a stand for the human race and all we can hope to become.

And finally this image sums up how I feel about my period, and I say we should support Rupi and all other women fighting our cause:


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