Valentines Date Night.

If you don’t want the loved-up Valentines period to end, and you like food then here is a peek at what myself and my boyfriend ate last night.

I made a three-course meal for Luke and myself…. and it was pretty good, even if the main course went a little bit wrong. It was not the stereotypical Italian or fancy plates, it was just two happy people eating some tasty food.

Luke loves Asian cuisine and I wanted to try out some new dishes, so we had Duck Pancakes with Hoisin sauce. I looked at a few recipes before mixing a few together to create my own. The basic recipe I used is on the BBC Food website.

Firstly, I roasted two duck legs in the oven (I find the breasts are fattier and more expensive) with some rosemary and garlic. Then I ripped the meat from the bone and fried it with some hoisin sauce. Finally, I served it with pancakes (we had five pre-made ones each), cucumber and spring onions (cut into thin slices- that was the only tricky bit).

Here is the finished look:

duck and pancakes

Our next course was Chicken Katsu, Japanese breaded chicken with a mild curry sauce to you and me, which went slightly wrong as I could not find the suggested sauce to put with it. However, Luke (pretended) to like it, and if you want to make it perfectly then you can find a recipe here:

Ours looked like this:

chcicken katsu

We had it with mixed long grain and wild rice and green beans. The dish is easy to make in advance, which is brilliant when hosting because you can spend time with guests.  Early on in the day I breaded the chicken by using an egg to ‘wet’ the chicken and then coating it in Penko breadcrumbs (you can find these in Chinese/Japanese supermarkets). I also made my curry sauce by boiling vegetables and then adding curry powder when they had softened. I chose to blend the vegetables to create a thicker curry sauce, but you could keep chunks of the vegetables if you wished. The curry sauce can then be reheated when you are ready to eat and the chicken takes 20-30 minutes to cook at 200oC.

To finish, after a short break watching When Harry met Sally, we had our Chocolate Fondants, which were velvety smooth with a soft sponge surrounding there runny centres.

chocolate fondants

This dish was also found on the BBC’s Food website and the recipe I used was really easy to follow, by a lady called Caroline Waldegrave. The best thing about making these melt-in-the-middle puddings, was that I got to use my brand new food mixer with detachable hand-held electric whisk.

Let me know what you think of these recipes and my meal plan by contacting me:

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