‘Vote Yes’ Scottish referendum voter Moni Tagore : “Britain has more to lose than us, if we go our separate ways.”

Hot Right Now

In just six months Scotland will decide whether or not to go it alone. The debate is raging on social media with Twitter followers tweeting and Facebook members joining up to support groups.

Vote Yes ‘ has 3,464 members on Facebook and is run by 33-year-old financial consultant Mr Moni Tagore. He joined the  campaign due to government austerity measures.

Moni Tagore

Moni Tagore, has lived in Edinburgh all his life and his family originates from Kenya and Africa. He loves living in Scotland and spoke to Hot Right Now about the reason he wants the counrty to become independent.

The most important reason is for better democracy, he said: “The current ruling party, the Tories, have one elected MP in Scotland yet have overall control of our finances.” He says this is neither fair, nor democratic, as the government makes all the key decisions. He added:  “The Scottish people have the right to be governed by the party they…

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