Gay Christian, Oliver Foster: “I have never been told by a Christian or the church that I am unwelcome.”

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Last night’s controversial Channel 4 documentary has provided the public with plenty of food for thought. From blatant homophobia to coloured in brains, Dr Christian Jessen explored the world of experiments and so-called gay ‘cures’. His main concern was the religious impact on gay people.

Oliver Foster

However, here at Hot Right Now we have found a gay man who is religious. Oliver Foster, 21, does not think that his religion should affect his sexuality.

He says it is not the church that are against his religion, but other gay people think him being a Christian is wrong. He said: “I have never been told by a Christian that I am unable to practice my beliefs. But atheists and other gays are more than happy to tell me that I shouldn’t be Christian.”

He says gay rights groups and LGBT groups are usually against his religion. He said: “They are the ones…

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