Where should the government be making cuts?

Everyone has an opinion on the benefit state, wars, the economy and the NHS, but does anyone have the answers, or a solution?

The government is starting to get us out of the latest recession, telling us that there is work to be done and harsher cuts, than ever before, to be made. The question on everyone’s lips though; are the cuts being made in the right places? 

So far we have seen our NHS being ripped to shreds to try and make ends meet, and disabled people and the long-term sick seeing their benefits cut. Meanwhile, the government continues to fund major projects like new arenas, new builds all across the UK and a variety of so-called ‘new-enterprises’ which will ‘benefit’ us in the long-term. But what about the now, what will the UK see in the near future?

Recently, Prime Minister David Cameron was talking about going to war in Syria, perhaps without thinking about the huge cuts we are currently facing or the cost to our economy. Where is the money we save going, Cameron? Will we see it again? The cuts being made to social housing, benefits and the NHS cannot all be in vain for new-enterprise and war. 

While the conservatives have never been about spreading funding equally, the degree at which they are abandoning the neediest is distracting to say the least. Cameron himself had a disabled son, yet he seems to have forgotten this, and the needs he might have faced if he was not wealthy when raising his children. He seems to be keeping the taxpayers hard earned cash to fund his own rich contributors, without a thought to those of us who are struggling to make ends meet.

I, for one, would much rather see my tax go towards people who I believe need it, aka the disabled, elderly and those who are desperately searching for work. I find it disturbing that it should contribute towards wars, false economy, benefits for those that do not deserve it and fancy MPs lunches.

In general, I suppose it depends which side of the fence you sit on as to which way you throw the money.

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